Message from the +2 Director

Meelan Bista

+2 Director

+2 can be a great learning and life-changing experience for our adolescents. In the phase, when they are just beginning to navigate their way into the adult sphere, it isimperative that as an educational institute, where students spend a considerable amount of time, we enable them with knowledge, equip them with confidence and instill in them humility required to live a fruitful and joyous life. I hope to make our +2 to be the school that supports its students in their journey of self-exploration by providing a happy, non-assuming and respectful learning environment.

BVS has a legacy of 35 years. The reason why we have not only existed, but thrived in the time span extending over three decades is because we have consistently put students at the center of all that we do. With time, many changes have taken place around us and they continue to do so all the time and at an astounding rate. What has remained constant throughout is our relentless pursuit to provide relevant education to our students. My aim, as the Program Director of Brihaspati Vidyasadan +2 program, is to continue with the rich tradition while encouraging ourstudents to think for themselves and ultimately, be their best possible version.

Led by individuals with progressive outlook and supported by competent academic team, I am confident that Brihaspati +2 program will contribute in transforming young individuals of today into the self-assured, self-respecting and successful adults of the future.

Meelan Bista

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