Message From Principal

Kumar Thapa


Dear Prospective students and parents,

Our school has the mission that we explore the potential of individual students and promote excellence in every walk of life. With its history of well over thirty five years and ground-breaking strategies into the future, BVS represents excellence in all aspects of its operation.

When I assessed the situation of BVS after joining in 2075, I found that the school has a great history and tradition. One need would be to bring in some life and variety to school activities while integrating various subjects and making them relevant to life so that students have greater exposure, more fun and a higher level of understanding. To me, character education was another focus to work on by establishing a more positive and stronger triangular bond between parents, students and teachers.

What we have achieved so far and what we plan ahead complement the fact that your experience at BVS will be highly rewarding, full of meaningful enagagement and most certainly life-changing.

Besides, we are a school that believes in the best blend of progressive education pedagogies and traditional teaching methods. To understand this model of education and how we are doing it, I invite our existing and prospective parents to feel free to visit us to explore more about it.

In all our endeavours, our students remain at the center of everything we do in order to enable them to achieve the best future they deserve.

I appreciate our internal team and parents equally for believing in and supporting for this mission. It is exciting to witness growing community at BVS while ensuring that the BVS team is committed to realizing its mission.

Kumar Thapa

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